Be a CCcam Reseller

In the fast developments that happened in online commerce, communications and entertainment, some new types of traders grew and developed. Their success had spread around and it wasn’t long after when people started asking how to be a CCcam reseller.In basic regular selling, CCcam resellers are most like retailers. When companies and other big suppliers wanted to sell, they don’t usually set up shops. To do the selling for them, they contact resellers and give them selling perks (discounts, vacations, cars) and sell the company’s product.

The CCcam Reseller business

In CCcam reselling, resellers have to buy multiple service packages from the sellers and sell them in retail to end-using consumers. Like any other businesses, there are many pricing packages that are very good for all three.

The packages are wrapped up in such a way that selling companies make big, the resellers have their hefty profits and the consumers enjoy their discounted purchases. Sellers usually have discounts and gifts in their sales packages while the resellers sell the advantages while keeping an eye on what they can make.

The service

For the most part, the deal is along the lines of card-sharing. With one legitimate access subscription card, many users will have simultaneous access to a pay TV network. This card is usually connected to a PC or Dreambox, which is connected in turn to the Internet.

The connection is configured in such a way that it can also share the decrypted control word to the other receivers who request the same information. The encrypted word will then decode the conditional access service. (A unique username and password is issued to the reseller to have access to the CCcam service of the seller.)

Mechanics and perks

This is where the seller companies want the resellers in the picture. To attract other companies and individuals, the parent company is willing to provide a control panel to enable client control and management. This makes the business life easier of the reseller easier.

Adding more attractive perks onto the setup, seller companies also made sure that resellers will have the opportunity of getting a business that is 90% automated, with a 99% uptime.

Of course, the biggest come on is the reseller’s prospect of getting more and more clients due to the attractiveness of the service packages offered to consumers. Satisfied customers can make their satisfaction and enjoyment viral. Word of mouth still works business wonders.


Like the other trades, becoming a CCcam reseller needs a good nose into the prevailing business conditions. These include current price fluctuations among companies to resellers. Keen competition can bring it down and the reseller must have the instincts looking for them.

Another price package that needs attention would be those prices that are for the end-users. These would include the pricing from other resellers and other suppliers and the gifts and discounts that they carry to make things sweet for customers.

The gifts listed here include the added support (services, after sales guarantees, etc.) to their clients. With these, the reseller would know how to package his own offers straight to the clients with the help of his seller-company.

Taking care of clients


As the representative of the seller, the reseller’s work includes enlightening his clients on the capabilities of their system and what makes it work better.

A CCcam reseller needs some basic technical knowledge on the nature of the services he is selling. This is necessary in dealing with is clients, present and future prospects, in preparing them to have the right hardware and software for the CCcam sharing to work.