Frequently Asked Questions About CCcam

Frequently Asked Questions About CCcam

You may have so many questions in your mind that’s about the innovative technology our product, the CCcam Server and Cardsharing, has to offer. From the simple question, How does CCcam work? to the complex question, How to stop the freezing in my CCcam?, you’re assured that we got your queries covered with the best answers.
For starters, many has ask the benefit of a CCcam and Cardsharing in their lives. Well, we say a lot! Surely everyone has a Television or TV set nowadays and so everyone wants the best viewing experience.
Read on our Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about our CCcam and Cardsharing products. We promise that we made the answers simple, no high-falluted words for better understanding.

My C-line cannot connect to its server, what should I do about it?

C-lines rarely disconnects or, in some cases, does not connect to its servers. But when this happen, there might be something wrong with your C-line and its connection to the internet, or your CCcam server isn’t running. Whatever the reason of your C-line problem, there are certain steps to restore your C-line and make it up and running.. Restart your receiver, internet connection and computer

Turning off and then off again your receiver, internet connection and computer can clear any system failure. Software problems occur in any routers, access points, ethernet switches or hubs, and wireless routers.

. Check if your receiver is connected to your internet

Sometimes, users forget that the connection of the receiver to the internet don’t automatically happen. You need to manually do this but don’t worry, this is just an easy task.

. Make sure your CCcam is online and running

This is also an easy task. All you have to do is to to check the script of your Linux. If it appears not found then something is wrong with it. Also, the CCcam can be detected by your internet which means when you’re online, you can check whether your CCcam is up and running.

. Contact your C-line support

If nothing changes with your C-line after doing the four steps mentioned, then this is the right time to contact your C-line support. You and the company will go hand in hand in fixing the problem.

What are the equipment I need to start my CCcam?
The pieces of equipment needed to start up your CCcam is just right at your home. All you need is a satellite dish, a Dreambox or any similar linux based receiver, a reliable computer and an internet connection.They are as follows:
– Satellite dish
– Dreambox
– Computer with internet connection
– Valid C-lines
Do you send the Cardsharing technology to me?

No, we don’t send the card but instead what we send is the C-lines.For new in CCcam and Cardsharing technology, the Cardsharing works when a satellite dish is installed outside your house. After which, the LNB set up points toward the satellite because the satellite dish emits a signal from the satellite which then gives a feedback worlwide.

The Cardsharing also needs a well-functioned cabling where the next thing to look at is the Dreambox server and its internet connection. You should make sure that the Dreambox server should ne connected to the internet. Make sure all firewalls are set up for the box to gain access in the internet.

From the Cardsharing servers, virtual viewing card is delivered and will automatically request through CCcam.

How does CCcam works?

Not everyone has heard about CCcam until those blackbox has been commercialized by local celebrities. Furthermore, CCcam has paved the way for better TV in each home with the Dreambox. The three main objectives of CCcam providers is to give you the best TV channels, fun and entertainment, and awesome TV viewing experience.CCcam is made to maximize your TV viewing experience. You can receive all your favorite channels from your preferred suppliers by simply using your broadband at home. The CCcam receiver needs a sharing protocol software. This ‘speaks’ directly to the servers who holds the original satellite subscription form.

CCcam worka through Cardsharing and the other equipment needed such as the Dreambox receiver, internet connection and etc.

Can I watch all the channels listed in your website?

You can only watch the channels that you avail per package. Furthermore, you can only receive channels that your satellite dish can accommodate. If your satellite dish has a motorized system with a suitable size then it is possible to receive all channels.

What SoftCam do you recommend?

Basically, you can use any version of CCcam but we recommend the CCcam 2.1.4 to connect to your server.

Will you send the CCcam.cfg file?

Yes, we can send you the CCcam.cfg file if you want. Just shoot us an email and we will send it to you immediately. Also, you can read the full instruction on How to CCcam.cfg File for further details.

Can I use my Cardsharing on multiple receivers at the same time?

Although this can be a good innovation on Cardsharing, the answer for your question is no. You cannot use your Carsharing on multiple receivers, rather, one at a time.

How can I stop my CCcam from freezing?

Freezing mostly happens when your internet connection is slow. Pay TV service requires an encryption of new decoding of word every few seconds. This is a time critical task and requires a certain amount of bandwidth. If your internet bandwidth is not equal to what is recommended then expect freezing and pixelation in your TV screen.We recommend you increase your bandwidth if its lesser than needed and upgrade your internet connection.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept payments via Paypal.