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Everything You Need To Know About IPTV

Nowadays, telecommunication companies are set on selling IPTV services to its customers to redefine the way they enjoy and watch TV. You may be wondering why you should let these telcos get to have a say on how you do your TV watching but isn’t it better when watching the TV looks more a lot like web browsing? That is, if you can pick your favorite shows and programs without having to wait up on them to go live, then your TV experience would be a lot better than it is now.
This is exactly the reason why you might consider those who sell an IP-TV service. With an IP-TV, watching your favorite TV shows is much more fun.

Experience Better TV With IP-TV

Internet Protocol TV or IPTV is the better TV option for most consumers. The concept behind IP-TV is very simple because instead of signals coming from satellite dishes, antennas, or fiber-optic cables, the signals are streamed into your home through the Internet.
This process of sending TV signals are handled by the local office like TV stations and is managed by the telecommunication company in a more complex process than it is with the end user. The thing is that because IP-TV uses the Internet instead of cable and antenna signals, it is more efficient at delivering channels without delay and you have the guarantee of watching your favorite TV programs on HD and store them if you want for future viewing.

The Three Different Types of IP-TV

Unknown to most people, providers selling IPTV services usually offer three different forms of IP-TV; video on demand, time-shifted IP-TV, and live IP-TV.
Video on demand or VOD works like Netflix wherein you choose a TV program or movie that you want and pay for it so that you will be able to watch it. Time-shifted IP-TV on the other hand works like the usual TV program you’re used to but you watch the TV programs according to your specific schedule that you find convenient. Live IP-TV, also known as IP simulcasting, works by using your DSL connection, your digital TV, and a set-top box to provide better quality.

IPT-V: It’s More Personalized and Interactive

IP-TV is perfect for those who prefer to watch specific programs and TV shows at the time they find most convenient. With IP-TV, TV and web videos can be combined in just one platform through the help of the Internet. What makes IP-TV different is that you can save your most favorite TV shows on schedule and watch them whenever you’re available. Also, since you’re using IP packets to access your most favorite shows, you can watch them anywhere, anytime you want it. IP-TV also providers its users with an interactive TV experience wherein you can go click an advertisement and check out a website as you watch. You also get to choose which ads you want to see and which TV programs interests you the most.

In comparison to other type of TV services, trying an IPTV service is way much better and saves you a lot more money considering the total costs it takes for installation and usage. It’s also dynamic since it allows you to prepare and store, stream, or multicast your favorite web videos and shows as you download them.