Refund and Return Policy

It is a fact that almost all customers at one time or another has to return a purchased item what will be for refund, exchange, or store credit at least once. Most merchants are not required to accept returns (unless the item is defected), and in this circumstance, it may be covered by an implied warranty. There are certain laws governing refund and return policies.
The refund/return policy of CCcam is fair for both buyer and seller. It offers a week-long Money Back Guarantee on the following terms.
1. Should you decide to cancel your service with the company, it must be within the first 5 days to include weekends, holidays, etc.
2. To request a refund, your account cancellation must be filed on or before the 5 days after using the service.
3. Submit your claim to EMAIL@GMAIL.COM
4. Upon receiving the claim, the company notifies the providers to solve the problem. If disputes are not resolved within 5 days, the purchaser is to pay for purchases by credit card; however, the refund, if any, will appear in the next credit card statement of the client.
5. Cancellation is only acceptable through our Email.
6. Please note that you will be responsible for all termination charges based on your cancellation.
7. Fees for Setup account and activation account are not refundable. Payment will be deducted from canceled accounts after they have activated their accounts.
8. If terms are violated, the company will cancel the refund and purchaser must pay the company an “Administrative Fee”.

Other Notes

1. The company will keep all sensitive information confidential unless the client gives their explicit consent.
2. Cloud Technology is used to save information on your computer through a session cookie that allows company to track your user; however, none of the cookies used on the website contains any personally data that could be identified. When the web browser of the user is closed, the cookie is ended or will end following a definite amount of time.
3. It is the right of the company to temporarily suspend the services such as: maintenance, repair, or upgrade its network and systems.
4. We have the sole discretion to determine what will be the responsive action to the violation on a case-by-case basis.
5. The company will block access to their servers at the level of your account if CCcam.cfg file is using 2 receivers at the same time that means the servers detect a double login from your user name and your account. The result will be temporary or permanent blocking of access to Customer’s Equipment or data, and the suspension or termination of Customer’s services.
6. The company for its part will give its legal enforcement authorities its fullest cooperation in investigating lawbreakers. Companies are not obliged by law issue warnings for any related circumstances and can forfeit an account even without giving prior notice.
State laws primarily govern matters related to merchandise returned and services aborted; however, no federal law mandates merchants to refund money. Refunds are, therefore, subject to established policy of the store for refund at the time of purchase. However, if purchased product or service is unfit for the purpose or short of advertised expectations, the monetary refund may be given. But when customer changed their minds after making a purchase, such as wanting a bigger television screen; since it is not the fault of the company, there will be no refund of any kind.